Originated in Belgium, with a deeper understanding of Moissanite-Diamonds.

Brand introduction

Belgium·Square Silicone Moissanite-Diamond

Feel the charm of the Belgian Moissanite-Diamond

Square Silicone Europe Co.,Ltd is a veteran diamond manufacturer in Hovenierstraat in Antwerp. It has a 50-year history of diamond processing and has provided diamond services to many international brands. In September 2016, Moissanite's production patents were opened globally, and Square Silicone saw the potential of Moissanite, and then founded the independent department of Moissanite for research and development. Relying on mature optimization technology and years of experience in diamond processing, the most advanced and excellent diamond technology is applied to the development of Moissanite. After nearly 3 years of research, the true D color Moissanite-Diamond was finally born in 2019, and it was named Square. Silicone Moissanite.

With the announcement of this news, the jewellery industry was immediately swayed, and countless jewellery enthusiasts boiled. In June 2019, Square Silicone will enter the world's largest Moissanite market in China, bringing Square Silicone Moissanite-Diamond to the long-awaited consumers.